Cyber Criminals Play “Striker” During World Cup [Infographic]

June 26, 2014

Organizations cannot stop employees from flocking to social media during the World Cup. The global activity surrounding it attracts hackers, scammers and advanced attackers, increasing global information security risk across networks everywhere. As an example, employees will call up game streams, social media clips/fan chats, scores and more on their office computers and mobile devices, increasing corporate risk with every click. Since security teams are already heavily burdened with day-to-day operations, it’s impossible for them to continually monitor the onslaught of links, tweets, posts, and content surrounding the event.

So how can your organization remain safe during the World Cup and other events that incite massive global social media traffic? First, you need to understand your organization’s social risk footprint. Only with this information can you truly understand how vulnerable you may be to risk. Second, you should implement automated processes with focused analysis around social media. Predictive, adaptive, and intelligent systems will stop social media attacks before they occur – particularly effective for large events like the World Cup. Third, you should protect key executives, board members, partners, customers and corporate sponsors with identity and brand protection tools. Impersonators are everywhere and at times of increased social media activity, the risk of brand and reputation damage is at its highest.

To protect your organization, you need complete visibility and insight into your social attack surface. You need a solution that can automatically process and analyze your social media footprint. With ZeroFOX, your organization can achieve this and more, mitigating the information risks of social media with our market-leading Platform. Take action today and score a winning goal for your company.