Enhance Email Security
Stop Business Email Compromise

ZeroFOX Advanced Email Protection

Extend omnichannel visibility and AI-powered impersonation detection across digital channels to protect from modern email-based threats, including Business Email Compromise, malicious link and file sharing and phishing. Complementing traditional email security tools, ZeroFOX goes one step further – taking down attacker infrastructure to thwart future attacks.

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Business Email Compromise Protection

Enhance organizational email security, detect email impersonations and warn targeted employees of suspect emails. Extend your email protection to address one of the toughest digital threats facing organizations today. Leveraging proprietary impersonation detection technology, ZeroFOX analyzes inboxes to accurately identify malicious links, files and emails stemming from BEC attacks, alerting security and flagging malicious emails through banner warnings. Further dissuading attackers, ZeroFOX removes malicious domains hosting attacker email addresses to keep your employees and customers protected for good.

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Email Abuse and Phishing Protection

Complement your current email protection solutions by leveraging existing information such as DMARC failure reports and forwarded [email protected] inboxes, with no impact on your users. ZeroFOX analyzes rich telemetry for malicious emails and remediates malicious domains, brand impersonations and offensive content to keep your employees and customers protected. Identify and take down attacker infrastructure to disrupt attacker campaigns and prevent future attacks.

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Immediate Time-to-Value

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    Identify BEC that evades existing email security

    Warn your users before they fall victim to common email scams, saving your organization time and money

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    Gain omnichannel visibility and comprehensive protection

    Evolve your program from basic email security to multi-channel communication protection across email, social, and collaboration platforms for full digital risk protection

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    Take down attacker infrastructure to thwart future attacks

    Don’t just repetitively block malicious emails – take down the phishing infrastructure. Adopt a risk reduction program that detects and dismantles adversary infrastructure, raising the cost of future attacks

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