Meet ZeroFox: Proactive Protection and Intelligence to Disrupt Cyber Attacks

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With the overwhelming number of external threats to brands, executives, domains, and data across the public attack surface, security teams are being challenged like never before. Meet ZeroFox: we provide enterprises cyber protection, intelligence, and disruption to identify and dismantle the growing threat landscape all in one comprehensive platform

ZeroFox enables organizations to safely and securely attract, service, and connect with customers, market and sell products, collaborate with co-workers, and manage data and information. Businesses today understand the power of digital connectivity and vastly expanding their reach across social media, mobile applications, and digital platforms. This digital-first world has created a new public attack surface ripe for exploitation and targeted by adversaries. ZeroFox protects your brand, customers, executives, employees, domains, and locations, so you can innovate and introduce new services with confidence, knowing your most valued assets, personnel, and reputation are protected.

This post will review how ZeroFox stands apart and how you can begin building a sound security posture. 

Protect Today.

Security teams are expected to be defenders, innovators, and firefighters, all in a 40-hour workweek. Stop digital firefighting and start disrupting adversaries before they strike. ZeroFox gives security teams proactive protection to act quickly, disrupt attacks and predict what tomorrow will look like.

Our solutions enable InfoSec leaders to efficiently and effectively protect their public attack surface at scale, leveraging managed services and expertise that provide the technological edge to keep your organization safe today and for whatever happens next in your digital-first world.  Don’t waste time scouring trillions of potentially malicious accounts and posts; leverage artificial intelligence and automation to reduce time-intensive collection, analysis, and remediation.

Our solutions leverage the power of AI to gain total threat visibility and provide the tools to take action. Don’t just identify threats; stop attackers no matter where they lurk. We help you effectively protect your public attack surface by dismantling attacker infrastructure. Find leaked credentials on the dark web, take down impersonating phishing sites, and neutralize external threats to your brand, all in one comprehensive platform. No more waiting on attackers to make the first move.

With a global data collection engine, artificial intelligence-based analysis and automated remediation, the ZeroFox Digital Risk Protection Platform protects your critical digital assets and data from digital threats at the scale and speed of the internet.
The ZeroFox Platform

Predict Tomorrow.

Today’s enterprises have aggressively adopted the web, mobile, social media, and other digital channels to recruit new customers, deliver more interactive and responsive support options, and dynamically engage with their stakeholder communities. This rapid digital transformation has also opened up new avenues and means for attackers. Publicly available platforms like websites, mobile app stores, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, and even the deep and dark web are used every day by over half of humankind. But as businesses use them to engage with and attract customers, attackers weaponize them to wreak havoc. These unchecked threats operate beyond the traditional security perimeter and are invisible to legacy threat monitoring tools, presenting unacceptable risks to an organization.

Our team constantly monitors all publicly available platforms in existence to discover hidden threats and all types of malicious cyber activity targeting your organization. We coordinate with network providers and hosts to take threats down before they go public. By reigning in and avoiding the costs of fraud and brand reputation damage while compelling adversaries to try elsewhere, organizations can accelerate digital transformation to drive new revenue streams, better serve customers and protect their valued assets in this digital-first world.

To defeat the new risks of the digital-first world, you need effective and scalable orchestration of machine and human intelligence.
ZeroFox Protection and Intelligence Powered by AI

With more than 150,000 takedowns per quarter and a 97 percent success rate, ZeroFox churns through massive data loads to identify the specific threats targeting your business and executes takedown orders for you. Have the confidence your information, brand, executives, and domains are safe and secure. With ZeroFox, a team of threat analysts fights by your side, monitoring the dark web for early signs of attack planning and emerging cyber tactics, giving you finished and actionable intelligence to make smarter decisions. That’s protection and intelligence to fight off today’s digital attacks and prepare for what’s coming tomorrow.

Don’t just respond to threats. Go to war and win with ZeroFox; schedule your demo today.

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