Introducing ZeroFox for Hootsuite

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Today is a big day at ZeroFox: we are excited to announce our newest partnership, ZeroFox for Hootsuite. This partnership is our way of extending our value beyond the infosec team to the marketers, salespeople and customer service teams, who sit on the front lines of the social media fight and deal with threats on a daily basis. What better way to empower these teams than to integrate our protection capabilities directly into the most widely used social media management platform, Hootsuite. Now both social media brand growth and social media security sit in the exact same dashboard.

With ZeroFox for Hootsuite, more than 12 million of Hootsuite’s customers can identify, manage and tackle social media threats and fraudulent activities. Users can:

  • Protect their accounts from brand impersonations, customer scams, fraud, malicious links and more
  • Monitor their accounts, hashtags and brand assets, and issue takedowns for malicious profiles and content
  • Automatically identify and remediate risks in a Hootsuite stream, all while growing their social media influence

Learn more about ZeroFox for Hootsuite and see the integration

These problems have been circulating for several years (trust us), so why is now more critical than ever for the social media users to join the fight? Why now for ZeroFox for Hootsuite?

Due to consumers’ migration to social media channels, organizations that create brand value through social media reputation have vastly outperformed the market (growing 103% in market value vs. 63% for the S&P 500 and 30.3% for the MSCI World Index) since the launch of Facebook in 2004. However, there has also been a parallel migration of hackers and scammers to social media, which as of 2015 is the #1 place for malware and scams according to Cisco. The problem is increasing to grow: on social media, for every 1 scam post remediated, 3 new ones are created.

In response to this new threat landscape, there has been finally been an alignment between corporate value creation and organization’s understanding of the cost associated with risks. According to Forrester Research, surveyed business decision-makers listed “information security and privacy” along with “reputational” risks, above risks associated with compliance, finances or operations. (Source: December 5, 2014, “Dissecting Global Risk Perceptions And The Effects Of Customer Obsession” Forrester report)

“Today, a one-point improvement in customer experience scores can translate into $175 million in added annual revenue,” wrote Nick Hayes, analyst at Forrester, in the February 2016 report entitled Build Digital Risk Insight. “Safeguarding this major contribution to revenue and protecting against reputational risk impacts should be a top priority — and monitoring digital channels is essential for doing this well.”

For marketers, salespeople and customer service: welcome to the fight. We look forward to making your jobs easier and safer through this integration with Hootsuite. With ZeroFox for Hootsuite, organizations can now securely use social media for what it was intended: growing the business.

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