On Potlucks, ZeroFOX Culture and What We’re Thankful For

Here at ZeroFOX, we cherish our lunches. It’s an opportunity to mingle with other departments and move around the office. Everyone has their favorite day – pizza, gyros, salads or wraps. But we all agree that potlucks are the best. For each major holiday, people cook their most festive dishes and the office celebrates in royal fashion. Spirit week culminated in office desk chair races. Halloween involved a costume catwalk set to Justin Timberlake’s classic, I’m Bringing Sexy Back.

Yesterday ZeroFOX celebrated an early Thanksgiving – it was the most lavish potluck yet. David in Sales brought spicy bacon spaghetti squash, COO Evan made phenomenal baked Brussels sprouts and developer Alex contributed a killer breadcrumb sprinkled mac n’ cheese. Of the half dozen stuffing dishes, Dave from recruiting took the cake – cooked crispy, stuffed with sausage and served piping hot from a crockpot.

But in order to earn a spot in the food line, the ZeroFOX team first had to write one thing they’re thankful for on one of the whiteboards (we have an army of them). The range was diverse, from silly office inside jokes to the things that remind us why we’re excited to come to work each morning. Here’s a sampling:

  • “Stand-up desks!”
  • “Buoys!”
  • “The Night Watch”
  • “Having 2 families, ZeroFOX being one, my daughter/wife the other.”
  • “My foxy fiancé, my dogs & a great job that keeps the lights on!”
  • “I am thankful for office pranks and the shenanigans that keep this place fun.”
  • “Great co-workers who are great friends.”
  • “Having a passion and not a job”

We pride ourselves on the culture at ZeroFOX. When we stay late, it’s half to finish work, half because we don’t want to leave. Our HR team hosts absurd and fun events, and ZeroFOXers are some of the most active after-hours socializers in all of Baltimore. Everything is an excuse for a celebration, from birthdays to anniversaries to company milestones. On top of being colleagues, we’re roommates, friends and confidantes.

Simply put, we have much to be thankful for. As we head off for the next two days to be with our families, the ZeroFOX family will be in the back of all our minds.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!