Safeguard Candidates, Campaigns, and Political Organizations Ac­ross Digital and Social Media Channels

The ZeroFOX Election Protection Solution safeguards political candidates, campaigns, and organizations from threats actively targeting elections, fundraising initiatives and other election-related activities. The solution analyzes billions of data elements across a wide array of social media and other digital platforms to identify and protect against threats ranging from impersonating social media accounts and phishing attacks, to scams, deepfake videos, threats of physical harm and more.

ZeroFOX’s Election Protection turnkey offering protects digital and social media assets owned by election campaigns and candidates, identifies threats, disrupts adversary efforts, and dismantles underlying adversarial infrastructure. The solution combines the power of ZeroFOX’s patented digital risk protection platform with our global operations and threat research teams – who work around the clock to validate alerts, analyze threats and remediate issues so campaign teams can remain focused on winning.

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Key benefits for candidates and campaigns

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    Protect identities from fake social media and digital accounts

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    Protect campaign digital assets from account takeover, phishing and other attacks — protects websites, social media accounts, domains, mobile apps, email accounts, digital fundraising efforts and more

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    Real-time protection and removal of fake, malicious, or offensive content posted to candidate/campaign-owned social media pages

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    Rapid situational awareness for threats of violence against candidates and campaign employees with location-based filters

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    Safeguards campaign fundraising efforts and initiatives from fraud and scams

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    Identification and removal of deepfake videos

While election tampering is an age-old story, modern elections have become primarily digital affairs...Thus, the risks have changed and expanded significantly. Beyond directly attacking voter registration, voting machines, and vote counting infrastructure, those with malicious intent have a myriad of new pathways to cause harm to elections, candidates and democracies. Dr. Aviel Rubin, PhD, Professor & Technical Director of the Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute and leading expert on election security.

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