IT Hot Topics

IT Hot Topics

We’re excited to announce that ZeroFOX VP, Ian Amit, will be presenting at IT Hot Topics in Greensboro, North Carolina! Ian will speaking on Thursday morning at 10:30am.

Presentation: Actionable Threat Intelligence, ISIS & the SuperBall

Speaker: Iftach Ian Amit


When adding a new threat intelligence feed into your threat model and security practice, one always has to ask: “What is the value?” Unfortunately, over the past couple of years, organizations have struggled with showing true value from standard threat intelligence feeds for several reasons, most of which coincide with the fact that the feeds are too generic, and do not directly relate to the operating environment of the organization.
In this talk, we will discuss how to create a customized, organization-specific threat intelligence feed, that in turn will be used to actively increase the security posture of the organization in a measurable way. Some of the examples we will address include dealing with DDoS attacks & social media account takeovers and adjusting to finding threats and threat actors in order to proactively tune defenses before an attack.