RSA Conference 2015

ZeroFOX will have a large presence at RSA this year — come visit us at booth in the south hall #2539! Stop by for fresh swag, a VIP invite to the best RSA event – A Night at the Foxbury, and to learn about social media cyber threats from the experts in the industry.

Also, we’re excited to announce that ZeroFOX will be presenting three sessions:

Title: The Social Network Panel at RSA Conference

Presenters: James C. Foster (ZeroFOX), Avi Rubin (Johns Hopkins University), Mike Kail (Yahoo Inc.) & Paul Moreno (Pinterest)

Abstract: The exponential growth and use of social media has changed the security paradigm, not only for corporations using social media, but for the social networks themselves. This panel, comprised of cyber security and threat experts working in security at major social networks, will discuss how social media is changing cyber security and how to secure the enterprise – Learn more about the session here.

Title: Terror Gone Social: The Islamic State and Social Media

Presenters: James C. Foster & Kenneth Geers

Abstract: The Islamic State (IS) presents the West with a complicated, modern challenge. Via the Internet, IS can recruit followers, raise money, buy weapons, and coordinate attacks. IS has weaponized social media, hijacking trends, and uploading gruesome videos of journalist beheadings for the entire world to see. Learn more about the session here.

Title: The Newest Piece of Defense-in-Depth: Social Media & DNS

Presenters: Evan Blair (ZeroFOX) & Andrew Hay (OpenDNS)

Abstract: Defense-in-depth frameworks rely on multiple avenues of threat intelligence. Integratable threat feeds provide the critical intelligence necessary to bolster pre-existing security infrastructure. When threat intelligence is coupled with a DNS filtering system, the organization’s defense-in-depth posture dramatically improves. Learn more about the session here.