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Protect revenue and customers, achieve compliance

Stop fraud and reduce risk of impersonation scams, counterfeit goods, pirated content, employee extortion and exposure of non-compliant or sensitive customer information

We use ZeroFOX to find & remediate costly scams extorting our customers. Using ZeroFOX, my team was able to do what usually takes us a month and a half in a week.

VP of Fraud,
Fortune 100 Financial Institution

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What We Do

Stop fraud and reduce risk by quickly identifying fake accounts and risky content, taking down customer scams, and halting fraudulent bot accounts before they cause damage.

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    Visibility beyond the perimeter

    Immediately see beyond your perimeter to catch fraud and identify digital risks

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    Fraud and scam protection

    Protect customer engagement and customer accounts by finding and removing fraudsters

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    Inbound and outbound risk management

    Identify risks from external sources such as paste sites and from within such as disgruntled employees

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    Compliance and exposure prevention

    Achieve compliance and peace of mind against inappropriate disclosures with built-in policies and robust logging capabilities

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    Time-saving automated analysis and remediation

    Save time by leveraging automation to scour trillions of potentially malicious accounts and posts

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    Protection against information leakage

    Prevent credential theft and PII exposure with digital monitoring for potential compromise

Did You Know...


Over 40 million social media accounts buy and sell pirated, stolen or counterfeit goods


The total global cost of piracy alone is $70 billion annually


The average cost of a data breach

The ZeroFOX Platform for Risk, Fraud and Compliance Teams

Attackers use social media to scam customers, advertise counterfeit goods, promote pirated content and extort employees. ZeroFOX stops fraud and reduces risk by quickly identifying fake accounts and risky content, taking down customer scams, and stopping fraudulent bot accounts. Using diverse data sources, artificial intelligence-based analysis and automated remediation, the ZeroFOX Platform provides critical visibility and controls, built-in logging, archiving capabilities and pre-built compliance policies.

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How ZeroFOX Works

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