Fraudulent & Spoofed Accounts

Identify and remove fake accounts impersonating your brand and business

Spot fraudulent profiles and spoofed accounts from conducting targeted attacks on your customers and employees such as scams, spearphishing, and social engineering campaigns.

Before ZeroFOX, we had no visibility into social media. No idea if someone was pretending to be us and no knowledge of the full breadth of threats.

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What We Do

Building a fraudulent account takes a cybercriminal no more than 15 minutes and an internet connection but the impact to brand reputation and customer loyalty can leave lasting damage.

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    Real-time identification of impersonators

    Find profiles pretending to be your brand or VIPs and stop them before they undermine your brand reputation

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    Automated remediation of fraudulent accounts

    Takedown profiles to ensure that infringing accounts are removed without you lifting a finger

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    Brand loyalty and reputation management

    Get full visibility around who is talking about your brand online and remove anything violating brand guidelines on your pages

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    Customer scam defense

    Safeguard customers from fraudulent customer support accounts and brand impersonations interacting with your community

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    Social engineering campaign detection

    Protect employees and customers from campaigns going after your revenue, company, brand or people

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    Image recognition and intelligence-based analysis

    Identify unauthorized usage of your logo or trademarks with automated photo recognition and analysis


Fake accounts have increased 11x over the past two years


Globally, phishing attacks on social media cost $1.2B


Over 9 in 10 users report being engaged by a fraudulent account

How ZeroFOX Works

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