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September 16, 2019,
[Security Week] Securing the 2020 Elections From Multifarious Threats

Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian individuals and three Russian organizations for interfering in the 2016 elections.…

September 12, 2019,
[Dark Reading ]Instagram Bug Put User Account Details, Phone Numbers at Risk

A now-patched Instagram vulnerability could have exposed users' account data and phone numbers to cyberattackers, parent company Facebook…

September 11, 2019,
[Security Week] Loss to BEC Fraud Now Claimed to be $26 Billion

The FBI has published upgraded figures from the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) describing business email compromise (BEC)…

September 10, 2019,
[401k Specialist Magazine] 8 Critical Steps to a More Cybersecure RIA

A recent report from ZeroFOX, titled “Financial Services Digital Threat Report 2019,” found a 56% year-over-year increase in…

September 6, 2019,
[Fox News] Beware of creepy ‘SIM swap’ fraud that lets hackers take over your phone and steal your money

Experts have warned consumers to be on guard against “SIM swapping” when hackers move a victim’s phone number…

September 5, 2019,
[IT World Canada]Database with phone numbers of millions of Facebook users found on Internet

A server with databases holding the phone numbers and identity numbers of perhaps as many as 200 million…

August 29, 2019,
[Security Ledger] Episode 159: Deep Fakes and Election (in)Security with ZeroFOX

In this week’s episode of the podcast (#159) we delve into the myriad challenges to election security with…

August 28, 2019,
[eSecurity Planet] 18 Cyber Security Startups to Watch in 2019

Cybersecurity product sales already top $100 billion annually – and could exceed $300 billion by 2024. Not surprisingly,…

August 26, 2019,
[Security Week] The Growing Threat of Deepfake Videos

Deepfakes are a growing threat. They are primarily a social engineering tool. That means they will increasingly be…

August 24, 2019,
[Campus Safety Magazine] Rekor Launches New AI School Security and Student Safety Software

Rekor, a provider of public safety and vehicle recognition systems powered by artificial intelligence, announces the launch of…

August 23, 2019,
[401k Specialist Magazine] Weekend Random Notes: CEO Pay, BlackRock’s Big Deal and More

It’s the weekend, and a good time to take a closer look at some recent newsworthy developments that…

August 23, 2019,
[WREG] This Fortnite scam could hold your computer files ransom. Here’s how

Cyren, a cybersecurity firm, has discovered that a free game hack tool — “Syrk” — is actually ransomware…

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