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October 30, 2019,
[Silicon Angle] Take that, Facebook: Twitter to ban all political advertising starting in late November

Twitter Inc. today announced that it will ban all political advertising starting in late November, cutting off a…

October 29, 2019,
[MIC]Counter-Strike’ transactions are being used to launder money, according to Valve

Despite being released over seven years ago, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remains one of the most popular games in…

October 28, 2019,
[CSO Australia] Roll back complexity before it’s too late

Cybersecurity is at a crossroad and if CSOs/CISOs don’t step back and reflect on how we got here,…

October 25, 2019,
[CNBC] Starting your holiday shopping online? Watch out for this hack that copies your card details in real time

There’s no real way for consumers to know they are being hacked — and even the most recognizable…

October 17, 2019,
[Happy Mag] Deepfakes: why are they so dangerous?

Deepfakes have been causing quite a stir throughout the world wide web lately. With the power to sway…

October 14, 2019,
[SC Magazine] Deepfakes and their potential impact on society

Although deepfakes have only been around for a few years, they are quickly becoming a key element in…

October 9, 2019,
[SpamFighter] WhatsApp chats, messages, files vulnerable to hacks through malevolent GIFs

A security flaw has been revealed in WhatsApp which if exploited can help hijack chat sessions, messages as…

October 7, 2019,
[ThreatPost] California Bans Deepfakes in Elections, Porn

A pair of laws provides recourse for victims of deepfake technology. California has passed a law that bans…

October 3, 2019,
[Dark Reading ] Facebook Patches Critical WhatsApp Security Flaw

A security researcher this week posted details on a new remotely exploitable vulnerability in WhatsApp that attackers could…

October 3, 2019,
[Silicon Angle] Update now: WhatsApp bug allows malicious GIF to steal user data

A newly discovered vulnerability in popular Facebook Inc.-owned messaging service WhatsApp allows an attacker to obtain access and…

October 3, 2019,
[SC Magazine] WhatsApp bug allows access to content, users should update

A “double-free” bug in WhatsApp lets attackers exploit it using a malicious GIF to access user content, according…

October 3, 2019,
[CNBC] Can Facebook And Google Detect And Stop Deepfakes?

Deepfakes have started to appear everywhere. From viral celebrity face-swaps to impersonations of political leaders - it can…

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