Federal Times: ZeroFOX Cited Multiple Times After Strong Showing at RSA 2016

5 infosec lessons

From the booth, to the fox to the presentations, ZeroFOX had a big presence at RSA 2016.

One article from the Federal Times featured Spencer Wolfe and Kenneth Geers presentation on 5 Cybersecurity Lessons from Ancient Battles. Saying this about their presentation:

“That was the thrust of a presentation by ZeroFOX head security writer Spencer Wolfe and NATO Ambassador to the Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence Kenneth Geers at this year’s RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Wolfe set up the conversation, offering five important lessons from the major battles that shaped the ancient western world, from the rise of Greece to the fall of Rome. Geers followed up each lesson with how it applies to the modern world of cybersecurity.”

Another article that summarized RSA had this to say about ZeroFOX:

“Spencer Wolfe, head security research writer at ZeroFOX, was one of the few Cassandras of the conference. After drawing comparisons between battles of the ancient world and the cybersecurity challenges of today, he likened our current position to the precarious state of Rome in the 5th century.

The barbarians are at the gates,” he said. Though what’s worse, today, “There aren’t any gates.”