Lecpetex Botnet

Danielle Walker of SC Magazine writes about the Lecpetex botnet. Below is an excerpt where ZeroFOX CEO James C. Foster was quoted:

James Foster, CEO of ZeroFOX, a social risk management firm in Baltimore, added that the Lecpetex case illustrates how attackers have simply moved from using email platforms, over the years, to distributing malware via popular social media channels.

“In the Lecpetex case, the targets of the compromised machines replicated themselves through social media channels by sending trusted, private notes to their friends,” Foster wrote in an email to SCMagazine.com. “In some cases, their friends were asked to visit malicious sites and in others they were asked to download malware. Rewind 14 years and you will find the same approach was taken with the ILOVEYOU virus…however, the channel for distribution was email,” he said.