Leveraging Technology in Fight Against Cyberbullying

CEO James C. Foster writes as a Special Guest for TMCnet about utilizing technology to fight cyberbullying. Foster writes, “‘Don’t talk to strangers.’ For generations, parents have given their children these words of caution. Today, many parents aren’t sure how to extend that caution to their kids’ online activities, but it’s time to learn. Bullying has gone digital, moving from the schoolyard to the social networks. Malicious strangers, such as cyberstalkers and cyberbullies, may disguise themselves as friends, inject malware into computers and prove difficult to track down and defeat. How can protective parents allow their children to enjoy the Internet, while instilling them with a sense of caution? And how can they monitor potential threats themselves?”

Cyberbullying is a major issue and one that ZeroFOX cares about. Leveraging technology appropriately to ensure that children are safe is especially important given the rise of social media.