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August 15, 2019,
[Axios] Why the deepfakes threat is shallow

Despite the sharp alarms being sounded over deepfakes — uncannily realistic AI-generated videos showing real people doing and…

August 15, 2019,
[Axios Newsletter] Codebook

State and city election boards have spent the better part of 3 years hardening their systems for a…

August 15, 2019,
[POLITICO] The cost of replacing paperless voting machines

Pennsylvania counties replacing their paperless voting machines with ballot-marking devices are paying nearly twice as much as those…

August 15, 2019,
[The Hill] Ex-CIA chief worries campaigns falling short on cybersecurity

Democratic 2020 presidential campaigns say they are working to boost their cybersecurity, but experts worry those efforts may…

August 14, 2019,
[USA Today] Deepfake 2020: New artificial intelligence is battling altered videos before elections

Deepfakes are video manipulations that can make people say seemingly strange things. Barack Obama and Nicolas Cage have…

August 12, 2019,
[ITProToday] Black Hat 2019: Election Security Gets Top Billing at Black Hat, Def Con

Leading experts and hackers, members of congress and vendors all had something to say about what can be…

August 12, 2019,
[CyberWire] Daily briefing

We heard speakers in several sessions at Def Con urge that those professionally involved with cybersecurity also involve…

August 12, 2019,
[BBC News] In fighting deep fakes, mice may be great listeners

As part of the evolving battle against “deep fakes” - videos and audio featuring famous figures, created using…

August 9, 2019,
[PC Magazine] Detecting Deepfakes May Mean Reading Lips

At the Black Hat security conference, researchers evaluated the deepfake detection tools currently available and released their own…

August 9, 2019,
[HelpNet Security] ZeroFOX’s new AI capabilities improve detection of deepfake videos

ZeroFOX, the leading provider of advanced artificial intelligence-powered digital risk protection, announced at Black Hat USA 2019 the…

August 8, 2019,
[Security Guy TV] Black Hat USA 2019 Live from Las Vegas

August 8, 2019,
[Dark Reading ]Dark Reading News Desk Live at Black Hat USA 2019

UPDATE -- The Dark Reading video News Desk has returned to Black Hat, bringing you more than 30…

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