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March 4, 2019,
[USA Today] How to avoid ‘Fortnite’ V-bucks scams and cyber-criminal schemes

How Fortnite is making it's money. More than a year after its release, the world is still talking…

February 28, 2019,
[Axios] Codebook

According to a Washington Post report (and confirmations in Russian media), U.S. Cyber Command disrupted the internet access…

February 19, 2019,
[NY Times] Hackers Hide Cyberattacks in Social Media Posts

A recent attack on the accounts of Defense Department employees suggests how easily people can be duped into…

February 1, 2019,
[ThreatPost] Cybercriminals Aim for the Super Bowl Goal Posts

Scams, infrastructure attacks, data harvesting and attacks on streamers are all in the offing.

February 1, 2019,
[SC Magazine] Who dat talkin’ about hacking the Super Bowl?

While the New Orleans Saints won’t be in Atlanta Sunday playing in the Super Bowl, that doesn’t mean…

February 1, 2019,
[Dark Reading] How Hackers Could Hit Super Bowl LIII

Security threats and concerns abound for the year's biggest football game. What officials and fans can do about…

October 9, 2018,
[Business Wire] ZeroFOX Introduces New Social Media and Digital Protection Managed Services Platform

ZeroFOX OnWatch™ managed service provides enhanced social and digital risk protection by experts who help to ensure brands’…

September 30, 2018,
[TechRadar] The Regional Gap in AI Adoption

ZeroFOX's automated spear phishing tool featured in TechRadar as an example of a malicious AI use case

September 25, 2018,
[Dark Reading] The Human Factor in Social Media Risk

ZeroFOX Chief Security Officer Sam Small provides commentary on helping employees recognize warning signs in social media risk…

September 24, 2018,
[eWeek] How Enterprises Can Better Defend Against Social-Media Threats

7 most prominent social media threats

September 12, 2018,
[ITProPortal] How chords, words and shapes can lead to better passwords

Byline on password security

September 5, 2018,
[Information Management] Need-to-know social media metrics for data security teams

Mike Price discusses social media security and solutions

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