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April 24, 2018,
[Axios] The rule-free world of federal officials’ personal accounts

ZeroFOX CEO James C. Foster's commentary on the security threat of federal social media accounts is included in…

April 23, 2018,
[TechRepublic] How to protect your business from the real risk of a social media takeover

ZeroFOX CTO Mike Price discusses social media security in a video interview.

April 20, 2018,
[CSO] Security executives on the move and in the news

New hire, CSO Dr. Sam Small, called out in the "Security Execs On the Move" column.

April 20, 2018,
[SiliconANGLE] Malware app pretending to offer stress relief targets Facebook credentials

Zack Allen's, Director of Threat Operations, commentary on the Facebook "stress paint" malware included in this piece.

April 19, 2018,
[Dark Reading] Securing Social Media: National Safety, Privacy Concerns

A feature article on CEO James C. Foster's RSA 2018 presentation, POTUS is Posting: Social Media and National…

April 19, 2018,
[Tom’s Guide, Yahoo, Fox News] Could War Be Declared Over Social Media? Experts Say Yes

CEO James C. Foster presentation, POTUS is Posting: Social Media and National Security, was covered in this RSA…

April 18, 2018,
ZeroFOX Names Industry Thought Leader Dr. Sam Small as Chief Security Officer

Small Will Define, Execute and Manage Social Media Security Strategies for ZeroFOX and its Customers.

April 18, 2018,
[The Irish Times] Social media – the perfect platform for spreading disinformation

ZeroFOX CEO James C. Foster's session at RSA was mentioned in this article about Trump's social media usage.

April 18, 2018,
[Daily Record] Movers and Shakers: Dr. Sam Small

New ZeroFOX CSO Dr. Sam Small called out in the "Movers and Shakers" column.

April 18, 2018,
[Mashable] The biggest surprise out of RSA Day 2? A fox and a magician

The fuzzy ZeroFOX mascot, Zero the Fox, makes friends at RSA 2018.

April 13, 2018,
[CMSWire] Internet Security Threats to Watch For in 2018

Mention of ZeroFOX’s Twitter spear phishing research, SNAP_R, and past BlackHat presentation.

April 12, 2018,
[TechRepublic] How to stop hackers from taking over your company’s social media accounts

ZeroFOX CTO Mike Price discusses social media security in a video interview.