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November 27, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[FOX Business] Cyber Monday: How to spot an online shopping fraud

ZeroFOX CEO James C. Foster sat down on FOX Business to discuss the surge in cybercriminal activity around…

November 26, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[Forbes] 60 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2018

ZeroFOX Alpha team's 2018 cybersecurity predictions covered in Forbes.

November 26, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[NBC] Cyber Monday: Here’s How You Can Protect Your Information While Shopping

Thousands of fraudulent accounts are impersonating brands to scam holiday shoppers.

November 22, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[Mic] Bitcoin scam? Here are 3 signs a cryptocurrency investment, ICO or altcoin is a fraud

As Bitcoin's price skyrockets, fraud is one the rise with it. Here's ZeroFOX's Bitcoin scam research covered in…

November 16, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[Wall Street Journal] Era of AI-Powered Cyberattacks Has Started

The growing sophistication of fast-moving cyberattacks is forcing companies to employ similar technologies to defend themselves. ZeroFOX's SNAP_R…

November 14, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[The Next Web] 6 warning signs you’re about to be crypto-scammed

ZeroFOX's Bitcoin scam research covered in The Next Web.

November 11, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[CNBC] How a single tweet can wipe out billions of dollars

In this CNBC video, ZeroFOX's co-founder Evan L. Blair explains importance of social media account security for marketers.

November 3, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[CSO] Largest cybersecurity venture capital deals in 2017

ZeroFOX's Series C funding covered in CSO's list of biggest venture capital deals so far this year.

November 1, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[] The Cybersecurity Problem Requires Human Solutions

ZeroFOX's Senior Data Scientist, Phil Tully PhD, explains why social media attacks are a growing area of concern…

[InfoSec Mag] The Top 10 Worst Social Media Cyber-Attacks

Social media has become a hotbed for cybercriminal activity. Here's ZeroFOX's 10 worst social media cyber attacks.

October 18, 2017, ANNOUNCEMENTS
ZeroFOX Added to UK Digital Marketplace as Official Cloud-9 Vendor

ZeroFOX Added to UK Digital Marketplace as Official Cloud-9 Vendor to Support Digital & Social Media Security Needs…

[BRINK] Countering the Social Media Hack

ZeroFOX CEO James C. Foster offers tips to help organizations address security risks associated with social media