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April 29, 2019,
[IT World Canada] Cyber Security Today: Warning about connected devices, cyber advice for manufacturers and find fake celebrities

A warning about insecure connected devices available for sale, some cyber advice for manufacturers and take this quiz…

April 29, 2019,
[BlackOps Partners] Cybercrime: 25% Of All Malware Targets Financial Services, Credit Card Fraud Up 200%

Research published on Monday by cyber threat intelligence company Intsights paints a bleak picture for cybersecurity across the…

April 25, 2019,
[InfoSecurity Magazine] Fake Social Accounts Multiply; Can Users ID Them?

Despite Facebook and Twitter repeatedly removing illegitimate accounts from their social media platforms, the number of impersonating accounts…

April 20, 2019,
[Forbes] Cybercrime Exposed On YouTube, Medium, Reddit, GitHub and Telegram Inside 15 Minutes

The dark web is a difficult place to navigate, it is unstructured and unqualified and counterparty risk goes…

April 19, 2019,
[IT World Canada] Cyber Security Today: Beware of fake Notre Dame donation sites, protect domain name servers and iPhone users being tricked

Fake Notre Dame rebuilding donation sites are looking for money, better protect domain name servers and how iPhone…

April 18, 2019,
[CyberWire] The CyberWire Daily Podcast

April 18, 2019,
[InfoSecurity Magazine] Fraudsters Exploit Sympathies Surrounding Notre Dame Tragedy

Fraudsters are preying on the goodwill of people everywhere by using the tragic fire of Notre Dame to…

April 17, 2019,
[KomoNews] Hold off on those Notre Dame donations until you know the charity is really a charity

Public donations to help rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral are pouring in from around the world. But some of…

April 17, 2019,
[TASS] Fraudsters seek to exploit Notre-Dame tragedy, says the report

US cyber security company ZeroFOX recommended social media users "be cautious of unfamiliar individuals or organizations soliciting donations…

April 16, 2019,
[SiliconANGLE] Online scammers exploit Notre Dame fire for quick profit

Online scammers are exploiting the tragic fire that severely damaged the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris Monday, according…

April 10, 2019,
[Mother Jones] It’s Not Hard to Find Scammers Selling Credit Card Information on Major Social Media Sites

Major technology companies have let their platforms become home to one of the earliest scourges of the internet—credit…

April 5, 2019,

Cyber criminals don’t just rely on underground forums and criminal marketplaces to trade crimeware tools, sell stolen information,…

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