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March 26, 2019,
[CyberScoop] How should social media companies protect data from third-party scrapers?

ZeroFOX Co-Founder Evan Blair talks with CyberScoop Editor-in-Chief Greg Otto on how social media companies are dealing with…

March 13, 2019,
[TechTarget] Election security threats loom as presidential campaigns begin

Fragile electronic voting systems and the weaponization of social media continue to menace U.S. election systems as presidential…

March 8, 2019,
[PC Mag] Election Influence Campaigns: Too Cheap for Scammers to Pass Up

SAN FRANCISCO—Election security is getting a lot of attention here at RSA. Most of the discussions have focused…

March 5, 2019,
[ PC Mag] Election Influence Campaigns: Too Cheap for Scammers to Pass Up

The cost of targeting specific groups of voters is vanishingly small, while the cost of defending against bogus…

March 5, 2019,
[HelpNet Security] Photo gallery: RSA Conference 2019 Expo

Here are a few photos from the Expo floor. Featured vendors include Anomali, ObserveIT, ZeroFOX, Corero Network Security,…

March 5, 2019,
[SiliconANGLE] In the cyber arms race, humans will replace computers in the crosshairs

Like a supercharged car powering up a steep mountain, cybersecurity threats have shifted into another gear. In the…

March 5, 2019,
[Inside Security] The threat this time: Social media just a piece of ‘omni-channel’ attacks on 2020 elections

SAN FRANCISCO. Weaponizing social media was a revolutionary cyber attack method in 2016, two security pros here said,…

March 4, 2019,
[USA Today] How to avoid ‘Fortnite’ V-bucks scams and cyber-criminal schemes

How Fortnite is making it's money. More than a year after its release, the world is still talking…

February 28, 2019,
[Axios] Codebook

According to a Washington Post report (and confirmations in Russian media), U.S. Cyber Command disrupted the internet access…

February 19, 2019,
[NY Times] Hackers Hide Cyberattacks in Social Media Posts

A recent attack on the accounts of Defense Department employees suggests how easily people can be duped into…

February 1, 2019,
[ThreatPost] Cybercriminals Aim for the Super Bowl Goal Posts

Scams, infrastructure attacks, data harvesting and attacks on streamers are all in the offing.

February 1, 2019,
[SC Magazine] Who dat talkin’ about hacking the Super Bowl?

While the New Orleans Saints won’t be in Atlanta Sunday playing in the Super Bowl, that doesn’t mean…

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