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January 2, 2018,
[MarTech Series] Top Insights on the CMO’s Best Allies, Content Marketing, and the Art of Story-Telling for Brands

ZeroFOX's Senior Director of Demand Generation, Sara Ayoub, had commentary around marketing predictions included in this CMO predictions…

December 26, 2017,
[Information Security Magazine] Don’t Get Scrooged on Social Media

This piece features the ZeroFOX holiday scams research, citing the report.

December 21, 2017,
[ITBusinessEdge] Prediction: Social Impact of Cybersecurity Breakdowns

ZeroFOX CEO James C. Foster's 2018 predictions included in this round up.

December 21, 2017,
[Baltimore Business Journal] Year in Review: Big deals in tech — here’s who raised money, who got bought

ZeroFOX included in year-end roundup of mergers and deals in 2017.

December 20, 2017,
Social Media Cyber Threats: 3 Predictions for 2018

ZeroFOX CEO James C. Foster lays out his top 3 security predictions for 2018.

December 15, 2017,
Real Editor Meets Guest Editor: Q&A with Tracy Z. Maleeff

ZeroFOX was mentioned by infosec journalist Tracy Z. Maleeff in a Q&A with InfoSecurity Magazine.

December 15, 2017,
Shoppers urged to use caution when investing in cryptocurrency

ZeroFOX bitcoin scams research referenced in article about the booming cryptocurrency.

December 14, 2017,
Researchers warn users to be wary of fake social media pages this holiday season

ZeroFOX's holiday scams research was covered in SiliconANGLE, highlighting thousands of fake accounts impersonating major holiday shopping brands.

December 8, 2017,
[Forbes] 7 Ways to Avoid Holiday Cyber-Scams

ZeroFOX's holiday scams research referenced with tips for consumers to stay cyber-safe.

November 27, 2017,
[Forbes] 51 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Predictions for 2018

ZeroFOX Alpha team's 2018 AI predictions covered in Forbes

November 27, 2017,
[FOX Business] Cyber Monday: How to spot an online shopping fraud

ZeroFOX CEO James C. Foster sat down on FOX Business to discuss the surge in cybercriminal activity around…

November 26, 2017,
[Forbes] 60 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2018

ZeroFOX Alpha team's 2018 cybersecurity predictions covered in Forbes.