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August 2, 2018,
[HelpNet Security] ZeroFOX announces TIP integrations providing social media security coverage

ZeroFOX unveiled three new integrations with Anomali, ThreatConnect, and ThreatQuotient

August 2, 2018,
[SiliconANGLE] West Virginia blockchain-based mobile voting raises security concerns

Sam Small, CSO, comments on blockchain-based mobile voting

August 1, 2018,
[SiliconANGLE] Reddit hack reveals limitations of two-factor authentication security

CSO Sam Small explains the potential backlash Reddit might experience after the hacking

July 26, 2018,
[CNET] Shadow banning: What it is — and what it isn’t

Let's shed some light on the subject and on what's happening on Twitter.

July 12, 2018,
[Telecom Reseller] Podcast: ZeroFOX is the only complete social media & digital protection platform built for enterprises

Phil Tully, PhD, Principal Data Scientist at ZeroFOX, discusses how social media is being used to wage attacks…

July 9, 2018,
[SiliconANGLE] Here’s what you need to know about the Timehop data breach

Zack Allen, Director of Threat Operations, comments on the Timehop data breach.

July 6, 2018,
[Telecom Reseller] Cyber-attackers use social media as an unsecured access to personal and business information and data

Co-Founder Evan Blair discussed how cybercriminals are leveraging social media to attack telecom organizations.

June 22, 2018,
[Adweek] How to Protect Your Brand From Malicious Brand Impersonations

CEO James Foster advises on how to protect your brand from impersonations on social media.

June 11, 2018,
[Forbes] Fraudsters Are Posing As Retailers And Trying To Friend You: How To Stop It

CISO Sam Small explains how attackers are using social media to pose as retailers.

June 4, 2018,
[Baltimore Post Examiner] In 2018, the Baltimore startup scene is more dynamic than ever

ZeroFOX is mentioned as an example of a Baltimore-based startup.

June 1, 2018,
[Women’s Wear Daily] Think Tank: Why Cybercriminals Are Imitating Brands on Social Media

Principal Data Scientist Phil Tully outlines the biggest social media cyber threats facing internet retailers.

May 17, 2018,
[Infosecurity Magazine] Fighting Fire With Fire: AI’s Role in Cybersecurity

ZeroFOX's Twitter phishing research was mentioned in this piece about the use of AI in cybersecurity.

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