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May 11, 2018,
[Infosecurity Magazine] White Hat Spoofs 2FA, Sends User to Phishing Page

Zack Allen, Director of Threat Operations, comments on how to spoof 2FA requests using phishing.

May 10, 2018,
[SC Magazine] Adapt or die: A CISO’s new role in a social media first world

Co-founder Evan Blair shares his thoughts on the evolving role of the CISO.

May 10, 2018,
[Cybersecurity Dispatch] Preserving Your Social Brand: The New Threat Factor – An Interview with Mike Price, CTO of ZeroFox.

CTO Mike Price talks about the social media threat landscape and broad cybersecurity trends on this podcast.

May 9, 2018,
[SDxCentral] Headcount: The Latest in Hirings, Firings, and Retirings

Chief Security Officer Sam Small's new hire announcement was included in this roundup of tech hires.

May 7, 2018,
[Cyberscoop] How AI is being leveraged for social engineering attacks

Principal Sata Scientist Philip Tully explains how AI can craft personalized phishing attacks on social media.

May 4, 2018,
[The CyberWire] The CyberWire Daily Podcast

Principal Sata Scientist Philip Tully gives a recap of a talk he gave at RSA on AI.

May 1, 2018,
[Information Today] Tech Giants Grapple With User Privacy and Misinformation

Co-founder Evan Blair's commentary on the danger of social media included in this piece about data privacy.

April 30, 2018,
[National Defense Magazine] Algorithmic Warfare: AI — A Tool For Good and Bad

ZeroFOX's Twitter phishing research was mentioned in this piece about malicious uses of AI.

April 30, 2018,
[DC Inno] The 13 Biggest D.C. Tech Hires to Know About from April

Chief Security Officer Sam Small's new hire announcement was included in this monthly roundup of DC-area companies.

April 26, 2018,
[TechTarget] Philip Tully: AI cyberattacks, AI arms race are coming

Principal Data Scientist, Dr. Phil Tully, discusses who's winning the AI arms race, attackers or defenders?

April 26, 2018,
[TechTarget] Philip Tully: AI models are cost prohibitive for some enterprises

Principal Data Scientist, Phil Tully, discusses the limitations of AI in the world of cyber security.

April 24, 2018,
[Axios] The rule-free world of federal officials’ personal accounts

ZeroFOX CEO James C. Foster's commentary on the security threat of federal social media accounts is included in…

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