R&D Lead Zack Allen Talks Gaming Malware in Motherboard

Lead Research Engineer Zack Allen was quoted in Motherboard, discussing malware in the gaming micro-economy. Zack as been researching cyber attacks on the popular gaming platform, Steam, in preparation for an upcoming DefCon talk. Zack and his co-presenter, Riot Games’ Rusty Bower, will be presenting at 12:00PM, August 7th.

Zack and Rusty’s research revolves around malware that trades away users’ purchased items, which can cost thousands of dollars. With such a vibrant economy, attackers can quickly monetize on their scams.

“One particular piece of malware that Allen pointed out was the “Steam File Stealer Extreme” (SFSE). Available on its own slick website, it costs around $40 and allows an attacker to automatically determine the value of a target’s inventory and run a keylogger, which could make a record of the target’s passwords.”