Russia to attack, says hacked NY Times Twitter account

hacked NY Times Twitter account

Over the weekend a Twitter account belonging to the New York Times was hacked by the infamous group, OurMine. OurMine is notorious for breaching Twitter accounts and then offering a security audit service to help harden organizations accounts. This time, the OurMine hacked NY Times Twitter account reported that “Russia will attack the United States with Missiles.”

“Hackers are realizing the power of social media over influential news sources like the New York Times, and are breaching accounts to try and essentially control or sway the news,” Michael Raggo, chief research scientist at ZeroFOX, a Baltimore-based social media security firm, told SC Media in an emailed statement on Monday. “Twitter has become intertwined with our society and culture – with individuals turning to the platform to communicate, collaborate and stay informed on a global scale.”