Senior Research Engineer Zack Allen on NPR

ZeroFOX’s Senior Research Engineer Zack Allen joined NPR on their segment All Things Considered to discuss the reported attack against users of Apple’s iCloud service in China. Hackers carried out a Man-in-the-Middle attack by compromising an internet server and intercepting customer data.”Imagine someone running a post office and they’re managing all of the letters that go in and out of that post office,” Zack said. If someone were to take over one of those post offices, “they can take your envelopes that you’re sending out to your family or your friends and put them somewhere else. Or they can open up the letter, change it, reseal it and then send it back out.” Apple warned customers to be wary of strange requests for permission at the iCloud login. The story was picked up by a number of other news stations, including New England Public Radio, KNAU, KPBS, WUWM, Oregon Public Broadcasting, WUKY, WKAR, The Empire,, KCLU, and SDPB.

Listen to the segment here.