Trump, Twitter and Hackers? Don’t Just Use Passwords

trump twitter hackers

President Donald Trump loves to use Twitter. He has millions of  Twitter followers, and his #POTUS account shows signs of being just as popular and his tweets frequently make global news. That being said, Trump Twitter hackers are always trying to find a way into the most influential social profile on the planet.

“If Trump’s Twitter account is hacked and hijacked, a fake tweet could impact the stock market, threaten national security, or possibly prompt a foreign military action,” Evan Blair, co-founder and chief business officer of Baltimore-based social media security and threat intelligence company ZeroFOX, told Bloomberg BNA.

“Trump’s personal Twitter account “has become the official mouthpiece of the United States, making the national security or domestic safety implications of a compromised account far ranging,” Blair said. “What if a ‘nasty’ tweet was fired off by a bad actor at the North Korean dictator or the Iranian regime? What if a racially charged tweet was published with a call to action?” Blair asked.