ZeroFOX Announces Global Channel Partner Program

ZeroFOX Launches Disruptive Global Channel Partner Program
ZeroFOX’s channel partner program includes patented technology, lead generation, comprehensive on-demand support, interactive training, and unprecedented margins

Baltimore, MD. — April 16, 2015 — ZeroFOX, The Social Media Cyber Security Company, announced today the launch of a streamlined Global Channel Partner Program. The partnership is designed to empower trusted cyber security advisors to protect their customers from social media cyber attacks using ZeroFOX’s suite of cyber security products. The structure of the ZeroFOX partner program is based upon value-add to customers through enablement capabilities as opposed to initial volume. The program includes comprehensive support structure, including training, marketing support, lead generation, account registration, and an on-demand partner deal desk. Additionally, the program boasts industry-leading margins for re-sellers and distributors in the rapidly growing social media cyber security market.

The cyber security industry has exploded in recent years, and according to Market & Markets, now totals over $70 billion annually. As social media becomes an increasingly large information security challenge across verticals, organizations will dedicate more resources to adopting innovative solutions. Social media and social web scams already account for more than $1.2 billion annual. These numbers will only increase as social media continues to embed itself as a staple for modern businesses.

“We have spent the past 2 years building cyber security’s first social media enterprise cyber security platform and are now a rapidly growing customer-obsessed organization,” said James C. Foster, ZeroFOX CEO. “ Although I am proud that we have been entrusted to protect some of the biggest and most recognizable financial and media organizations in the world, our job is far from finished. I am confident that we can make a bigger impact with dedicated partners that understand the security industry. Our mission is to help organizations around the world battle modern attackers; now our channel partners can join us in the fight.”

The rise of social media has introduced a new security paradigm, one that puts users – employees, customers and partners – squarely in the attackers’ crosshairs. Social media has become the new cyber battleground, presenting one of the largest risks to organizational security in years. ZeroFOX’s cloud-based SaaS platform, ZeroFOX Enterprise, enables security teams to monitor and prevent social media cyber attacks, conduct proactive attack reconnaissance, and safeguard their most important assets, e.g. their people. This product is the heart of the ZeroFOX platform, allowing for robust defense against one of the most dynamic and dangerous cyber security threat vectors. ZeroFOX also offers a variety of other products, including social attack intelligence, continuous social identity protection, and expert services.

“ZeroFOX is blazing trails in an extremely exciting new security market and opening new opportunities for partners,” said Lawrence M. Walsh, CEO and chief analyst of The 2112 Group, a channel strategy and research firm. “ZeroFOX’s steadfast commitment on enablement and innovation should enable resellers to identify opportunities, prove value, and protect their customers.”

For additional information on the ZeroFOX Global Channel Partner Program, please drop by the ZeroFOX booth at the RSA Conference (Booth #2539), visit, or contact us below:

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ZeroFOX protects the world’s social media ecosystem and the people and organizations that rely upon it. In an age of constant connectivity and social sharing, users have become the primary target for the adversary. ZeroFOX protects your people where they are most vulnerable by continuously monitoring social platforms for cyber attacks, sensitive information loss, social engineering campaigns, account compromise and fraud. Leveraging cutting edge technology and proven security practices, ZeroFOX provides both targeted protection and global insights into the world of social media threats.

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