ZeroFOX Announces Integration with McAfee ESM

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ZeroFOX joins McAfee Security Innovation Alliance to Integrate Social Media Attack Detection System with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Baltimore, MD. – November 11, 2014 – ZeroFOX, THe Social Risk Management Company, announced today its participation in the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) program in order to integrate social media threat intelligence from the ZeroFOX Social Media Attack Detection System (ADS) with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager. By integrating intelligence from ZeroFOX ADS with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, security teams benefit from the additional threat feed and proactive threat intelligence in order to address a potential critical security blind spot, thereby enhancing their security posture. Proactive threat intelligence enhances McAfee Enterprise Security Manager’s ability to correlate and alert upon an attack in progress while providing a critical baseline of cyber attacks in the broader social media landscape, such that the first instance of an event can be correlated with external attack intelligence.

Social media has become the most prolific mode of communication in human history – nearly 75% of internet-connected people are active on social, totaling over 2 billion accounts among Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn alone. ZeroFOX Social Media ADS analyzes links, content and profiles on social media to produce real-time alerts on targeted attacks, such as malware, phishing, social engineering, impersonations, and other fraudulent or malicious activity. ZeroFOX Social Media ADS also produces a raw global threat intelligence feed that analyzes malicious activity on social worldwide.

“We’re excited to welcome ZeroFOX to the Security Innovation Alliance program. As social media usage becomes increasingly common in the enterprise, businesses are unknowingly opening their networks to new vulnerabilities that may infiltrate networks in relatively novel ways,” said Ed Barry, vice president, Global Technology Alliances at McAfee, part of Intel Security. “Many users don’t have the means to protect against social media attacks. ZeroFOX Social Media ADS intelligence presents a way to enhance the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager platform and bolster our joint customers’ defenses with critical social attack data.”

“ZeroFOX’s social media Attack Detection System is providing security teams with unprecedented visibility into their organization’s extended security perimeter. Doing business in the social environment today opens companies up to a new and uncontrolled attack avenue that must be addressed to ensure the fidelity of their systems and data,” said Evan Blair, ZeroFOX COO. “By partnering with McAfee and integrating our Social Media ADS intelligence into McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, we are supercharging users’ abilities to seamlessly and effectively leverage social media attack intelligence to the benefit of their organizations’ security posture.”

About ZeroFOX
ZeroFOX, a Social Risk Management Company, is pioneering security technology that enables organizations to detect social media-based cyber threats including targeted malware, phishing, social engineering, impersonations and other fraudulent or malicious activity. Our proprietary Security Analysis Engine (SAE) analyzes social networks and distills threat intelligence through ZeroFOX Enterprise – a centralized, cloud-based platform empowering users to take action on alerts and incoming threats. ZeroFOX is revolutionizing the way security teams protect their organizations from social media-based threats with an automated platform that increases security efficiency and effectiveness. Moreover, robust APIs facilitate the integration of ZeroFOX social threat intelligence with existing security infrastructure, injecting targeted data for real-time defense. As the first solution to combat social media risk exposure, ZeroFOX increases organization’s security posture, while reducing incident response and crisis communications costs.

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