ZeroFOX & FireEye Detect and Defend Against Social Network Exploitation

FireEye Partnership

ZeroFOX and FireEye Detect and Defend Against Social Network Exploitation & Cyber Attacks

The ZeroFOX platform is now fully integrated with the FireEye Threat Analytics Platform (TAP), providing advanced protection for all corners of the social ecosystem.

FEBRUARY 29th, BALTIMORE MD — ZeroFOX, the social media security company, and FireEye , the leader in stopping today’s advanced cyber attacks, today announced an integration of ZeroFOX Enterprise’s social media security platform and FireEye’s Threat Analytics Platform (TAP). Mutual customers of ZeroFOX and FireEye can now integrate ZeroFOX’s alerts and intelligence into FireEye’s Threat Analytics Platform for real-time protection against a new generation of cyber threats.

The integration gives customers unprecedented visibility into a largely unseen and unprotected attack vector, social media, without making changes to their existing security environment. By supercharging the FireEye TAP with ZeroFOX’s targeted social media alerts and intelligence, customers can defend against attacks impacting their people and their systems through one of the fastest growing cyber attack vectors.

The ZeroFOX platform continuously monitors social media for security & business threats targeting employees, customers and business. Using intelligent data collection and open, scriptable analysis engines, the ZeroFOX platform identifies social engineering, phishing & malware, fraud, scams and more. FireEye’s TAP identifies threats and accelerates response by layering real-time FireEye threat intelligence over enterprise event streams, providing prioritized visibility into an organization’s full threat landscape. Additionally, the FireEye TAP manages incidents to improve efficiencies in assigning, tracking, and resolving events with on-demand portal access.

“Social media as a threat vector is a rising issue that our customers need to understand.” said Ed Barry, VP, Cyber Security Coalition, FireEye. “By teaming with ZeroFOX and integrating their social media intelligence with the FireEye Global Threat Management Platform, our customers’ security teams can focus on the real job of detecting, responding to, and resolving real threats faster and more rapidly.”

Much has been written about the rise of social network exploitation and the use of social networks to compromise corporate and government networks. FireEye listed it as one of their biggest threat predictions, and many high-profile attacks in 2015, such as CENTCOM and the HAMMERTOSS APT (uncovered by FireEye last year), have leveraged social as an attack vector.

“FireEye boasts the industry’s leading threat intelligence platform, and we are excited to be integrating our frontline social threat data with FireEye’s platform,” said James C. Foster, ZeroFOX CEO. “Social media represents the biggest challenge to enterprise security in decades. This ZeroFOX and FireEye partnership provides comprehensive, tailored protection from social threats without forcing organizations to adopt a new security infrastructure. More than anything, FireEye’s participation in solving the social media problem is validation that this is an enormous new risk to organizations that must be addressed before the more breaches hit the headlines.”

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ZeroFOX protects organizations from the risks introduced by social communication and collaboration platforms. In an age of constant connectivity and social sharing, users have become the primary target for the adversary. ZeroFOX protects your people where they are most vulnerable by continuously monitoring social platforms for cyber attacks, sensitive information loss, social engineering campaigns, account compromise and fraud. Leveraging cutting edge technology and proven security practices, ZeroFOX provides both targeted protection and global insights into the world of social media threats. ZeroFOX, based in Baltimore, MD, has collected a number of industry awards including being recognized as a SINET16 Champion, Security Tech Trailblazer of the Year, one of CRN’s Top 10 Security Companies, 2013 Maryland Cyber Company of the Year, Winner of Chesapeake Regional Technology Council 2014 Rising Star Award, ‘20 Most Promising Security Companies’ by CIO Review, and Daily Record’s ‘Innovator of the Year’.

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