ZeroFOX to Unveil Product Suite at Black Hat 2015

ZeroFOX to Launch the First End-to-End Social Media Cyber Security Solution at Black Hat USA 2015

ZeroFOX (booth #1027), a Platinum Sponsor and Sustaining Partner of Black Hat USA 2015, will launch a new security product suite that addresses social network exploitation, cited by 46% of Black Hat attendees as their biggest cyber security concern.

JULY 22ND, BALTIMORE—ZeroFOX, the leader in social media cyber security, is gearing up for a major product release as part of its participation in Black Hat USA 2015, which will be held Aug. 1-6 at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

ZeroFOX will showcase a revamped product suite that provides solutions covering the full spectrum of social media security risks. The launch includes a major upgrade to ZeroFOX Enterprise, which will now incorporate FoxScript, and the release of two new products, ZeroFOX Recon and ZeroFOX Threat Feed.

ZeroFOX Enterprise is now powered by FoxScript. FoxScript is a customizable, javascript-based language that allows security analysts to write unique rules for ZeroFOX’s data collection and analysis engines within ZeroFOX Enterprise. FoxScript makes security teams their own greatest innovators: professionals will have a tool at their disposal to track custom security threats and address the issues that matter most to their specific organization. ZeroFOX’s FoxScript will enable security teams to address targeted employee exploitation on social networks and social engineering in particular, cited by 46% of this year’s Black Hat attendees as their greatest cyber security concern.

ZeroFOX Recon, a social media vulnerability & phishing assessment application, enables organizations to discover their social assets and test their vulnerabilities with a comprehensive assessment. The application will simulate social threats to test susceptibility for social phishing, fraudulent accounts, hashtag hijacking and other common tactics used by social media cyber criminals. Each assessment’s parameters are tailored to a client’s individual needs, and will focus specifically on those assets and threats that are deemed most important.

ZeroFOX Threat Feed is an easily-digestible URL feed that provides real-time visibility into global phishing and malware attacks delivered via social media. Threat Feed integrates seamlessly into existing security technology to supercharge organization’s Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIP) or SIEMs with threats from where their people are most vulnerable. Threat Feed can also be directly integrated into leading firewall, web security and email security platforms.

“As a Black Hat Sustaining Partner, we are thrilled to use such an incredible venue to launch the new ZeroFOX product suite,” said James C. Foster, co-founder and CEO of ZeroFOX. “46% of Black Hat members said their greatest concern was social engineering, phishing or social exploits — you spoke and we listened. Our product suite is the first of its breed, providing comprehensive protection for social network exploitation – from social phishing simulations to a social media threat feed to ZeroFOX Enterprise, an open-ended platform to detect and mitigate social threats targeting your organization. This is the product suite every modern cyberdefender needs to protect their people where they’re most vulnerable. Drop by our booth to see what we have been working on.”

ZeroFOX’s announcement comes on the heels of two high-profile reports detailing the full scope of the social media attack vector.

The release of Cisco’s 2015 Midyear Security Report revealed that Facebook scams are the most commonly observed method of breaching an organization’s network. The report, based on original security research performed by the San Jose-based technology giant meant to measure “the various types of techniques that adversaries are using to gain access to organizational networks,”. Facebook scams were 25% higher than the next highest attack, JavaScript, and 10 times higher than traditional email phishing.

Later, a FireEye investigation identified Twitter as the primary attack vector used by Russian government-backed hackers to compromise dozens of high-profile U.S. government and defense computer systems.

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ZeroFOX protects the world’s social media ecosystem and the people and organizations that rely upon it. In an age of constant connectivity and social sharing, users have become the primary target for the adversary. ZeroFOX protects your people where they are most vulnerable by continuously monitoring social platforms for cyber attacks, sensitive information loss, social engineering campaigns, account compromise and fraud. Leveraging cutting edge technology and proven security practices, ZeroFOX provides both targeted protection and global insights into the world of social media threats. ZeroFOX, based in Baltimore, MD, has collected a number of industry awards including being recognized as a SINET16 Champion, Security Tech Trailblazer of the Year, one of CRN’s Top 10 Security Companies, 2013 Maryland Cyber Company of the Year, Winner of Chesapeake Regional Technology Council 2014 Rising Star Award, ‘20 Most Promising Security Companies’ by CIO Review, and Daily Record’s ‘Innovator of the Year’.

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