Piracy & Counterfeit Goods

Safeguard hard-earned revenue and customer goodwill

Promote products, goods and content knowing your organization is protected against counterfeits, pirated content and unauthorized resale.

[The ZeroFOX Platform is] 'groundbreaking'...'game-changing'...'one of the most revolutionary platforms that exists'.

R. L. Adams

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What We Do

In the age of online shopping, over 40 million social media accounts buy and sell pirated, stolen or counterfeit goods. Protect customer satisfaction and brand reputation by ensuring your customers receive genuine versions of your products, every time.

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    Identification of counterfeit goods capitalizing on your brand

    Automatically detect fake products impersonating your brand across web marketplaces

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    Removal of stolen products

    Eliminate unauthorized resellers looking to profit off of your stolen merchandise

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    Pirated content distribution prevention

    Prevent the spread of illegal versions undermining the ROI from legitimate goods and content

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    Brand and product reputation protection

    Ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty by eliminating fake alternatives to your genuine products

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    Automated remediation and removal

    Rely on ZeroFOX’s automatic identification and remediation capabilities to remove infringing accounts and posts

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    Customer scam defense

    Protect customers from the unintentional purchase of counterfeit or stolen company goods

Did you know...


Over 40 million social media accounts buy and sell pirated, stolen or counterfeit goods


The total global cost of piracy alone is $70 billion annually


of Americans with internet access have made an online purchase

How ZeroFOX Works

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