ZeroFOX Web and Domain Protection

Protect the websites you own,
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ZeroFOX Web and Domain Monitoring

Attackers exploit your organization on the web and social media by mimicking your domain to dupe unsuspecting users into believing they are interacting with the official brand. Protect your corporate websites, brand and revenue by finding and eliminating domain squatters and typo phishing campaigns that target your employees and customers.

ZeroFOX Domain Protection

Your website is often the first way for customers to engage with your organization. Protecting that engagement against spoofed domains, impersonations and hacking is critical. Identify and take down typosquatting, homoglyph, subdomain spoofing and other domain-based attacks before they reach your customers.

Protect Your Web Presence

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Safeguard Customer Engagement

Protect customers from phishing & malware scams by ensuring your URLs are the only ones they could possibly click on

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Avoid Costly Brand & Security Incidents

Stop attackers from running mass campaigns against your customers and protect your business from the security and reputational ramifications

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Take down spoofed domains

Rely on our team of takedown specialists to remove fraudulent domains on your behalf, saving your teams valuable time and resources

ZeroFOX Web and Domain Protection

See how ZeroFOX can protect your owned domains, proactively register domains you don’t own yet and take down fraudulent domains.

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