Quarterly Threat Landscape Reports

Download the 2020, Q4 Report

Cybersecurity and the global threat landscape continue to evolve at a rapid rate. Taking the minimum security precautions is not enough and defenders must be well-equipped to handle constant change. Security teams must continually strategize to effectively defend against new vulnerabilities, attack trends and cyber risks on the horizon. 

In this vein, our team is committed to helping others join the battle by offering innovative solutions as well as timely and actionable information. In our quarterly reports, ZeroFox Threat Research provides an overview of the related trends and activities that impacted the global threat landscape within specific periods of time. Findings provide relevant information for both technical and non-technical readers. The report pulls from the collective intelligence of our highly skilled team, a vast array of data points and analysis of daily events observed at a global scale. This provides both situational awareness of the threat landscape as well as a broad view of the public attack surface, driving informed and actionable next steps in adapting your security posture where needed.

In this 2020, Q4 edition of the Quarterly Threat Landscape Report, we review:

  • Cyber disruption concerns related to the US Presidential Election
  • SolarWinds Orion supply chain attack
  • Malware challenges in analyzing infection cycles
  • Cyber predictions for 2021

Quarterly Threat Landscape Reports
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