2022 Threat Intelligence Forecast

Security Predictions and Recommendations

In this report, you’ll gain:

  • Forecasted trends in critical areas including ransomware, malware-as-a-service and phishing-as-a-service
  • Predicted cybercriminal activity, including threat actor targets and tactics
  • Tactical and strategic recommendations for addressing key threat types as they continue to evolve in 2022

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Threat actors around the world made 2021 an extremely stressful year for security teams—perhaps the most challenging year on record. ZeroFox Intelligence observed record-setting ransomware incidents, more supply chain compromises, and increased geopolitical tensions in Europe and Asia.

While law enforcement around the world have made progress at tracking and interdicting criminal cryptocurrency activity, ZeroFox Intelligence does not forecast these achievements will result in a decrease in cyber crime for 2022. The threat landscape continues to find ways to exploit emerging technologies and business processes in our multi- and hybrid-cloud environments. Cyber criminals will also evolve their techniques for laundering the proceeds of their activities. In this report, we share our forecasts and recommendations for how to tackle new, emerging and evolving threats head on in order to enter an uncertain threat landscape with confidence.

2022 Threat Intelligence Forecast
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