5 Step Guide to Brand Protection

Protecting your brand takes more than just a good PR strategy – it takes cybersecurity. Let’s talk about how to protect it.

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  • How brand intelligence can expand your current efforts
  • Which threats are currently targeting brands
  • How to remediate and takedown threats
  • And more

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Whether you are B2B or B2C, you know your brand is the heart and soul of your business. And before people ever make a purchase or sign a contract, there’s a solid chance they’ve already interacted with your brand online. 

In fact, of the 5 billion+ people online worldwide, 51.6% use the internet to research brands, products, and services before making a purchase (that’s over 2.5 billion people!). Additionally, 43.6% of social media users are looking for information about brands and products. 

That’s what bad actors are counting on. 

In the gray space online, your brand is facing constant attacks. From brand impersonations to account takeovers and more, threat actors can tarnish your reputation, harm your customers, and negatively impact your business through scams. In the ZeroFox ecosystem, we’ve seen a 519% year-over-year increase in security incidents specifically related to online scams. 

You know your brand is a valuable asset, but you also know there’s a gap in proactively protecting it. 

5 Step Guide to Brand Protection
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