Behind Frenemy Lines: Emerging Threats that Leverage Social Media

leverage social media

This report by The 2112 Strategy Group, Behind Frenemy Lines: Emerging Threats to Business that Leverage Social Media, dives into the dangers associated with the growing social media landscape. As social media becomes a staple of many corporations communication, it has also led to a new avenue for cyber criminals to exploit. Covering topics from hashtag hijacking to fraud, this report sheds light on the next big cybersecurity threat: social media.

How can social media be leveraged:

  • Anti-social Behavior – Why security teams need to pay attention to social
  • The Dangerous Landscape – People trust social media
  • Methods of Mayhem – There is not just one way to impact you on social
  • Counting the Costs – From your bottom line to the Dow Jones
  • Fighting Back – Where and how should my resources be allocated

To leverage social media for cybercrime can be an understandably challenging obstacle to fully understand. With cyber criminals coming up with new techniques daily, it is important to know what the risks are associated with social media. Check out the report by 2112 to better grasp what risks your company is at and how ZeroFox can help.