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Fact vs Fear: Dark Web Trends Security Teams Need to Focus On

In this report, we’ll review:

  • The top dark web threat trends from 2020 and beyond
  • What dark web stereotypes are more fear than fact
  • Where to focus and prioritize security efforts on the dark web

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The threat actors of today – and likely tomorrow – operate seamlessly across a variety of online environments for their malicious activities. Perhaps the most notable and feared of those environments is the dark web, often represented by the image of a hacker in a hoodie, lurking late at night on a forum or chat room. 

While the hoodies may be optional, there are legitimate reasons for security teams to care about the dark web. In 2020, ZeroFox threat researchers published nearly 1,500 internal reports on notable findings across this cybercriminal ecosystem of forums, marketplaces, data leak sites, encrypted chat platforms, and discussion boards. From double extortion ransomware to the resilience of illicit marketplaces, understanding the threats of the dark web is critical for a strong threat intelligence strategy.

Fact vs Fear: Dark Web Trends Security Teams Need to Focus On
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