ZeroFox Intelligence Geopolitical Brief for December 2022

In this report, you’ll find insights on:

  • The impact of the proposed price cap on Russian seaborne oil
  • China's Zero-COVID strategy and how threat actors may use it to their advantage
  • Travel disruptions and union strikes
  • Major protests which can impact an already strained supply-chain
  • And more!

Download the Report

Recent geopolitical conflicts and changes have created opportunities for cyberattacks against businesses in a variety of industries. Russia’s war in Ukraine, European politics, social unrest in Africa, instability in Peru and Brazil, Middle-East protests, and Pacific-Asia conflicts have impacted the threat landscape. ZeroFox Intelligence has released information regarding the cyber threat landscape in light of these global conflicts.

Businesses with a global footprint may face a variety of politically and financially motivated threats as developments continue. Download the ZeroFox Intelligence Geopolitical Brief for December 2022 for key findings. ZeroFox Intelligence has also provided a forward look at the future of the threat landscape.

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