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Dedicated Threat Intelligence Analysts & Investigations

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Enhance Your Team With a
Dedicated Threat Analyst

ZeroFox OnWatch™ Expert service provides a dedicated, named analyst who performs as a key member of your security operations team. Rely on an experienced security intelligence analyst who provides expert threat hunting, support for over 30 languages, routine threat reporting, and provides regular executive briefings. Our analysts access the world's most historically accurate data lake of threat indicators and attack data, including unique data from embedded dark web operatives. Strengthen your posture, fill skill and coverage gaps, address seasonality and geographic variances, and quickly supplement your team without the burden of hiring and retaining additional staff.

This service is available both as a full-time or half-time dedicated analyst option and includes OnWatch™ Insight and OnWatch™ Alert services.

Full-spectrum threat intelligence and analysis from a resource you know and trust.

Gain greater situational awareness, incident context, threat hunting & reporting from a dedicated, named analyst positioned to meet your team needs.

Investigate further with a dedicated expert threat researcher specialized for your needs.

Scope out custom, tailored threat investigations based on your organization’s unique threats, business cases, new, incoming requests and/or persistent issues.

Leverage global intelligence
researchers and analysts

Leverage a team of over 200 global analysts with up to 20+ years of experience and support for over 30 languages.

Fully address
intelligence requirements

Fully satisfy RFIs while continuing operations to strengthen security posture and close coverage gaps.

Benefit from deep-dive reports,
risk assessments and analytics projects

Gain insights from enriched intelligence reports and investigations that cover: person of interest, executive threats, attack surface analysis, incidents, and more.

ZeroFox OnWatch™ Expert Includes*:

  • Unlimited RFI Research and Analysis
  • Access to Dedicated Senior Threat Intelligence Analysts (half or full-time)
  • Advanced Alert Correlation and Contextual Analysis
  • Strategic Finished Intelligence (Geopolitical, Industry, Global Threats)
  • Daily Threat Intelligence brief
  • Weekly Threat Intelligence Report
  • Monthly Threat Assessment Report
  • Quarterly Threat Intelligence Executive briefing
  • Proactive Threat Hunting
  • Support for 30+ Languages

*OnWatch™ Alert and OnWatch™ Insight are also included with OnWatch™ Expert subscriptions.

The volume of data analyzed by ZeroFox is shocking. At the end of the day, I only see the alerts that truly matter to First Command.
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