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Business Email Compromise

Business Email Compromise

A new kind of email attack

While phishing attempts through email is nothing new -- attackers are becoming more sophisticated in their campaigns and digital interconnectedness, relying on familiarity to trick users into action. By pretending to be an executive or high-profile figure, attackers coerce employees into divulging information and, in the worst scenarios, have them take unauthorized actions such as transfering funds. Legacy security defenses are not equipped to handle the sophistication or the scale of these attacks.

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The rising cost of Business Email Compromise

Business Email Compromise (BEC) involves an attacker impersonating a high-profile executive to defraud employees, customers and partners into sending money, paying fake invoices or divulging sensitive data. Over a three year period, BEC attacks accounted for a cumulative 26 billion global exposed dollars loss. This growing threat targets small companies and large corporations alike and unfortunately, most existing email security solutions are blind to it.

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ZeroFOX Business Email Compromise Protection

icon for Identify email impersonations

Identify email impersonations

Find impersonations of your
CEO and execs targeting

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Warn users of BEC attacks

Ensure users are aware of potentially malicious emails with inline warnings

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Take down attacker infrastructure

Disrupt BEC scams and thwart future attacks by dismantling the attacker infrastructure

Address Business Email Compromise

ZeroFOX's Advanced Email Protection extends omnichannel visibility and AI-powered impersonation detection to email. Identify Business Email Compromise, malicious link and file sharing and phishing attempts. Learn about ZeroFOX's BEC Protection.

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