[VentureBeat] Using defensive AI to strip cyberattackers of their advantage

Principal Datascientist Phil Tully teases his RSA presentation by describing who's winning the artificial intelligence dogfight, attackers or defenders?

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[AMABaltimore] Cybersecurity in Social Media: How Organizations Can Protect Themselves

Senior Director of Marketing, Sara Ayoub, describes how marketing teams can take control of their security on social networks.

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Social Media Cyber Threats: 3 Predictions for 2018

ZeroFOX CEO James C. Foster lays out his top 3 security predictions for 2018.

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[InfoSec Mag] The Top 10 Worst Social Media Cyber-Attacks

Social media has become a hotbed for cybercriminal activity. Here's ZeroFOX's 10 worst social media cyber attacks.

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[BRINK] Countering the Social Media Hack

ZeroFOX CEO James C. Foster offers tips to help organizations address security risks associated with social media

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[Dark Reading] Analyzing Cybersecurity’s Fractured Educational Ecosystem

ZeroFOX Security Lead Chaim Sanders analyzes cybersecurity's fractured educational ecosystem for Dark Reading.

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Tighten Enterprise Social Media Security

7 Ways to Tighten Enterprise Social Media Security

ZeroFOX has provided the following best practices that should implement to better (or in many cases begin to) tighten enterprise…

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How Macedonian Spammers Are Using Facebook Groups To Feed You Fake News

“The tactics that are being employed are utilized on a massive scale by very large and well-organized and well-funded cybercriminal…

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Web Cams Helped Bring Down the Internet

How Web Cams Helped Bring Down the Internet, Briefly

How web cams helped bring down the internet, briefly. On October 21st, millions of internet users were unable to access…

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bringing cyber awareness

Bringing Cyber Awareness, Big League

Tip number one is to remember that everyone is a potential target and no one is beyond reproach. Leave your…

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Brian Reed Featured In The Hoosuite Blog

Brian Reed wrote a piece for the Hootsuite blog on, 3 Potential Threats to Watch Out for on Social Media.

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ZeroFOX Research Accepted to Speak at SecTor

ZeroFOX Researcher, John Seymour, was accepted to speak at Canada's largest security conference, SecTor. John will be presenting on "How…

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