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November 11, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[CNBC] How a single tweet can wipe out billions of dollars

In this CNBC video, ZeroFOX's co-founder Evan L. Blair explains importance of social media account security for marketers.

November 3, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[CSO] Largest cybersecurity venture capital deals in 2017

ZeroFOX's Series C funding covered in CSO's list of biggest venture capital deals so far this year.

November 1, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[] The Cybersecurity Problem Requires Human Solutions

ZeroFOX's Senior Data Scientist, Phil Tully PhD, explains why social media attacks are a growing area of concern…

[InfoSec Mag] The Top 10 Worst Social Media Cyber-Attacks

Social media has become a hotbed for cybercriminal activity. Here's ZeroFOX's 10 worst social media cyber attacks.

[BRINK] Countering the Social Media Hack

ZeroFOX CEO James C. Foster offers tips to help organizations address security risks associated with social media

October 15, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[Village Voice] How Cybersecurity Became 2017’s Hot New Major

ZeroFOX warns lack of computer security education among employees.

October 13, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[MSNBC] Protecting your business from cyber attacks

ZeroFOX CEO James C. Foster sat down with MSNBC's Your Business to discuss tips to help businesses defend…

October 13, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[Daily Mail] Scam warning as hundreds of fake accounts promising a ‘free’ Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 flood Instagram and Twitter

ZeroFOX's iPhone scam research was covered in The Daily Mail.

October 13, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[International Business Times] iPhone 8/X scams are spreading on Facebook and Instagram

ZeroFOX's iPhone scam research was covered in The International Business Times.

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