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June 20, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[WBAL-TV] ZeroFOX outlines security risks of fake support accounts in CSO

ZeroFOX offers cyber security tips for summer in WBAL-TV.

June 14, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[Kim Komando] 3 Ways Hackers Hide Malware on Facebook

ZeroFOX's social media spear-phishing research covered in Komando.

June 13, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[] What to Do About Identity Thieves Posing as Recruiters

ZeroFOX's social media impersonator research covered in

May 28, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[New York Times] Hackers Hide Cyberattacks in Social Media Posts

ZeroFOX explains implications of social media spear-phishing in commentary on Department of Defense attack

May 2, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[CSO] Job Seekers Beware of Recruiter Scams

ZeroFOX's fake recruiter scam research covered in CSO.

May 1, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[Startup Sense Podcast] Interview with Evan Blair, Founder of ZeroFOX

ZeroFOX co-founder Evan L. Blair discusses the history of ZeroFOX and how social media threats have fundamentally changed…

April 26, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[Forbes] How To Spot A Bitcoin Scam

ZeroFOX's Bitcoin scam research was covered in Forbes.

April 4, 2017, IN THE NEWS
[Forbes] Top Online Threats To Your Cybersecurity And How To Deal With Them

ZeroFOX explains threat landscape of social media in Forbes commentary on online cybersecurity threats

March 24, 2017, IN THE NEWS
Bitcoin Scams Coverage Recap: The Verge, Forbes, ZDNet, Coin Desk, IB Times, CIO, CSO, Network World, SiliconANGLE & more

ZeroFOX Alpha Team's research on bitcoin scams was featured in a variety of publications across the web.

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