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ZeroFOX Web & Domain Protection

Protect your corporate websites, brand and revenue by finding and eliminating domain squatters and typo phishing campaigns that target your employees and customers. Attackers exploit your organization on social media and the web by mimicking your domain to dupe unsuspecting users into believing they are interacting with the official brand.

ZeroFOX Web & Domain Protection is ideal for brand managers and marketing teams that want to get ahead of trademark issues and security teams in need of an automated solution to address phishing attacks that impersonate or squat on company-related URLs.

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Immediate Time-to-Value

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    Safeguard Customer Engagement

    Protect customers from phishing & malware scams by ensuring your URLs are the only ones they could possibly click on.

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    Avoid Costly Brand & Security Incidents

    Stop attackers from running mass campaigns against your customers and protect your business from the security and reputational ramifications.

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    Save Time & Money

    Using powerful automation and custom controls, minimize time spent manually hunting for and issuing takedown requests for malicious URLs via the legal team.

The volume of data ZeroFOX collects is shocking. At the end of the day, we only see the alerts that matter to us. VP, Financial Advisory Firm

Complete Domain Protection with Secure Domain Registration

Looking for full domain monitoring, protection and management? Rely on ZeroFOX to register and manage your owned domains. ZeroFOX identifies domains closely associated with your brand, executives and assets that you do not currently own, providing recommended actions. Malicious, spoofed, and impersonating domains can be taken down on your behalf. ZeroFOX alerts you to domains that are not currently active but could cause potential future risk to your organization, working with you to proactively register those domains on your behalf, before a bad actor can.

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