Your Brand Reputation is Under Threat. Are you Prepared?

Did you know that social media exploitation is the most commonly used technique to gain unauthorized access to an organization?

This was a finding of Cisco’s 2015 Midyear Security Report.

This means that – as the guardian of the corporate brand and owner of many external communication channels – marketing needs to play an active role in protecting the business from cyber threats.

In the age of data-driven marketing, companies are collecting and storing more customer information than ever before, while – at the same time – marketing tactics like online advertising and social media outreach have increased organizations’ attack surface.

Phishing, hacking, mimicking, click and ad fraud, malware distribution, impersonation, social engineering…the list of possible malicious actions goes on and on and new ones keep emerging. Corporate ransomware cases are grabbing the headlines, where “hostage takers” have the power to destroy trust and potentially a whole business.


In this webinar, a panel of industry experts will:

•Outline the most common cyber threats to brands, including
phishing, social engineering, website defacement and compromise,
corporate impersonation, hacking, click fraud, and insider threats
•Provide solutions to detect and mitigate threats
•Offer best practices for threat prevention

If you are in a marketing role and want to educate yourself about cyber security, this webinar is for you.

Learn what you can do to protect your brand from malicious actors. You can’t afford not to.