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Hacking Goes to College

February 12, 2015

Missed the webinar? Fill out the form to view the recording. Find out what happens when ZeroFOX social media red-teamers join up with Johns Hopkins University Professor Avi Rubin to run a real-life social media “pen test”. Our original research, presented at ShmooCon, is showcased in this Research Series Webinar.


DATE: February 12th
TIME: 2pm ET

What is a social media red team penetration test? Join ZeroFOX CTO, Chris Cullison, and Senior Research Engineer, Zack Allen, to learn how to conduct a red team and blue team contest centering around Universities using social media.

Our unique research was accepted to SchmooCon this year and we are very excited to share our discoveries with you virtually as well.


Zack Allen Manager, Threat Operations

Zack Allen, senior security researcher for ZeroFOX, collaborates with engineers to provide next generation capabilities to help solve cyber security issues in the realm of social media. Previously, Zack worked with the government helping the Air Force research solutions to the nation’s most critical security issues. An RIT alum and graduate of the Air Force’s prestigious Advanced Course for Engineering in Cybersecurity, his specialities lie in research, red team tool development, cryptographic engineering, threat intelligence and data science. He has spoken at numerous security conferences and is an invited presenter for security clubs, organizations and Johns Hopkins University.

Chris Cullison Vice President, Emerging Technologies

Christopher B. Cullison, a Co-Founder and ZeroFOX's Vice President of Emerging Technologies, has over 16 years of experience in the software industry. Christopher has worked with and managed large scale applications for Fortune 50 corporations, specializing in advance enterprise architecture solutions. His expertise includes reverse engineering, code inspection, dynamic integrations, and cyber-security. Chris has worked as a consulting expert in patent litigation, specializing in patent and prior art analysis. Besides holding multiple coding and security certifications, he speaks regularly about innovative coding at security conferences. Chris has a Bachelors in Business Information Systems from Stevenson University.

Avi Rubin Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Aviel D. Rubin is Professor of Computer Science and Technical Director of the Information Security Institute at Johns Hopkins University. Prior to joining Johns Hopkins, Rubin was a research scientist at AT&T Labs. Rubin has testified before the U.S. House and Senate on multiple occasions, and he is author of several books including Brave New Ballot (Random House, 2006) and Firewalls & Internet Security, second edition (with Bill Cheswick and Steve Bellovin, Addison Wesley, 2003).

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