Patient Information – Prime Target for Attacks

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DATE: March 31st
TIME: 11:00 AM ET

Patient Information — A Prime Target for Social Media Cyber Attacks
Healthcare records represent an amazingly lucrative target for cyber criminals, with a gold mine of sensitive information all in one place. This wealth of data can fetch a high price on the underground markets of the dark web, as it gives cyber criminals an advantage in an identity fraud campaign.

  • Are users inadvertently sharing sensitive patient information or PHI on social media?
  • Are attackers coordinating cyber attacks against your organization via social media?
  • Is healthcare information being bought and sold on the social web or dark social?

Social Media is No Place for Sensitive Information – Is Yours Secure?
“Going Viral” is both a blessing and a curse. The right information – customer engagement campaigns, marketing content, advertisements – thrive on virality. However, private information, maliciously or mistakenly posted on social media, becomes instantly public. This information – social security numbers, Personal Health Information (PHI), etc., is collected and can be bought and sold via social.

Combating the Full Spectrum of Social Media-Based Risks
ZeroFOX’s advanced algorithms gather targeted data from the social world about your most critical assets and alert on risks giving security teams critical insights to address the challenges presented by social media. Our platform provides in depth visibility into malicious activity across social networks and the broader social web, including discussion boards, forums and sharing platforms. ZeroFOX is the first solution to provide comprehensive, end-to-end coverage, for social media risk.