How Law Firms Maximize and Protect Social Media Investment

In the digital age, law firms can leverage social to prospect business, promote attorneys, engage with clients and build brand. According to ABA Legal Technology Report, 35% of lawyers obtained clients from their social networks.

Hootsuite and ZeroFOX lay out strategies for leveraging social media to build brand and find, engage with, and nurture prospects or clients. These benefits, however, do not come without risks, and law firms need to take proper steps to protect their investment in social.

Explore social media risks such as client scams, leaked information, cybercrime, fraudulent accounts and more. Hear from ZeroFOX, social media security experts and Hootsuite partner, on both how social media can expose law firms to risk and best practices for securing your social ecosystem.

Join Hootsuite’s Jered Love, Strategic Account Executive, and ZeroFOX co-founder Evan Blair to explore the benefits and risks of the transforming social media ecosystem.

Learn about:

  • How the digital ecosystem is transforming for law firms, including centralized social media management, attorney advocacy, competition monitoring, educating prospects and more
  • Identifying and mitigating risks on social media, such as cybercrime, client scams, sensitive data leakage and internal compliance violations
  • Strategies for risk mitigation

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