Measuring the ROI of Digital Security and Threat Intelligence

A Forrester TEI Profile of a Global Financial Institution

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Meet the Speakers

Rachel Ballard

TEI Consultant, Forrester

Caitlin Wood

Vice President, Global Operations, ZeroFox

Dave Stuart

Sr. Director of Product Marketing, ZeroFox

What You'll Learn

A recent Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting has concluded that ZeroFox customers using our Digital Risk Protection (DRP) solution project a 267% return on investment (ROI). The large global financial services customer profiled in this report is experiencing significant value and expects a $3.31M three-year savings, with less than a 3 month payback period, all while providing a significant and measurable ROI.

Join our webinar to hear from Forrester TEI Consultant Rachel Ballard about:
  • How a Global Banking Risk Compliance team increased protection and reduced executive and brand impersonations nearly 10X without adding additional security staff
  • An economic model for measuring operational efficiency and risk avoidance / mitigation savings
  • How to justify the Total Economic Impact of Digital Risk Protection solutions

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