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    ZeroFOX provides real-time threat intelligence, risk management and security analytics through one unified platform.

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    Power up your existing security technologies with the ZeroFOX Cyber Cloud and proactively identify and prevent cyber attacks targeting your organization, employees and users across Social Media

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We’re a group of proactive technologists who happen to love, live and breath the world of cyber security. We like knowing that our products help organizations maintain and protect their business and way of life with solutions that stretch throughout the uncharted social-cyber landscape.


Our Platform

The ZeroFOX Platform is an Enterprise Social Risk Management suite that enables organizations to identify, manage and mitigate information security risk introduced through social media. From targeted social-based cyber attacks to fraud and executive impersonations, ZeroFOX provides real-time risk management, threat intelligence and security analytics.

Asset Cloud

No trial, no expiration. The cornerstone of the ZeroFOX Platform (and always free), our Asset Cloud identifies, catalogs and tracks your social assets: pages, people and accounts. Take the first step toward managing social risk by automatically mapping your social attack surface and receiving critical threat and risk alerts.

Cyber Cloud

The ZeroFOX Cyber Cloud proactively identifies, analyzes and alerts organizations to active and ongoing cyber attacks targeting their company, employees and end users across social media. Using pre-built plugins, actionable live threat intelligence powers your SIEM, perimeter and endpoint infrastructure, stopping targeted attacks before it’s too late.

Identity Cloud

The ZeroFOX IDentity Cloud enables organizations to identify and prevent fraud, social engineering & impersonation of your key personnel. Real-time email alerts and an operational dashboard give security teams instant visibility into identity risk issues as well as the capability to remediate directly through the ZeroFOX Platform.

Data Cloud

Leverage the powerful ZeroFOX URL analysis engine through APIs, integrate targeted live threat data streams into custom built applications, and extend social risk protection to enterprise platforms with the ZeroFOX Data Cloud.


ZeroFOX Plugins quickly connect real-time targeted threat intelligence into your existing security infrastructure, powering up your defenses and stopping socially targeted cyber attacks.