Protect all external assets from all external threats.

Demo the unrivaled platform for exposing, disrupting, and responding to all threats outside your perimeter.

  • Industry leading threat intelligence powered by advanced AI and human experts
  • Fast adversary disruption and threat remediation solutions
  • Full solutions and pricing tailored to your needs

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Expose & disrupt cyber-threats at the source

The ZeroFox platform is an always-on, comprehensive external threat intelligence, protection, and response solution that provides organizations with complete visibility and protection across the surface, deep, and dark web.

ZeroFox Protection
  • External Attack Surface Management
  • Domain & Brand Protection
  • Dark Web & Data Leakage Monitoring
  • Social Media, Mobile Apps, Credit Cards
  • Impersonations, Phishing, & Fraud
  • Executive, Identity, & Privacy Protection
ZeroFox Intelligence
  • Intelligence Search, Feeds, & Fire Hoses
  • Vulnerability Intelligence
  • Dark Web Operations
  • Physical Security Intelligence
  • Finished Intelligence Reporting
  • Dedicated Analysts
ZeroFox Disruption
  • Domain Takedowns
  • Social Inline Remediation & Takedowns
  • PII Removal from Data Brokers
  • Automated Blocking Actions
  • Global Disruption Network
ZeroFox Response
  • Breach Coach Reporting
  • Breach Notification Services
  • Data Breach Call Center
  • Impacted Population Protection
  • Digital Forensics & Incident Response
ZeroFox On-Demand Services
External Assessments | Threat Hunting & Investigations | Threat Actor Engagement | UDRP & Remediation | Incident Readiness | Ransomware Recovery
ZeroFox AIGlobal Intelligence | Collection & Analysis
OnWatch 24x7 Managed External Detection & Response
Indicators of Attack & Compromise
OEM & Data Services
  • Firehoses (Ex. Dark Web, Social Media)
  • Feeds (Identity & Fraud, Network & Vulernability, Dark Web)
  • API Capabilities (Takedowns, Image Matching)
App Library & Integrations
Vulnerability & Risk
Endpoint & Network

Trusted by brands across the globe.

Our followers know that the Nokia channels they engage with can be trusted, verified, and they are brand compliant. And, for me, that's the biggest impact of ZeroFox.


Päivi Kalske, Head of Corporate Social Media


Gain complete visibility and control outside your perimeter.


    End Alert Fatigue with Actionable Intelligence

    Expose malicious multi-channel campaigns and threat actors to prevent future attacks. Gain visibility into target and global threats outside the perimeter on the surface, deep, and dark web.

    End Alert Fatigue with Actionable Intelligence

    Secure Your Brand, Domain, and Executives

    Protect your data and assets against phishing campaigns, impersonations, malicious domains, and data theft. Take down threats before they reach your customers, executives, and employees.

    Secure Your Brand, Domain, and Executives

    Take Action and Disrupt Threat Actors

    Respond to threats with actionable intelligence, threat actor engagement, disruption, and breach response services. Quickly take action before damage is done.

    Take Action and Disrupt Threat Actors

Before ZeroFox

First Command's previous tool was triggering 30,000 irrelevant data alerts  a week. These false positives resulted in  10 man-hours of work lost per week.

With ZeroFox

ZeroFox worked closely with the team to map their critical assets, discover accounts, prioritize protection, rapidly configure the platform and enter a vast amount of assets. Within a few days, ZeroFox:

  • Identified URLs squatting on First Command's owned domains
  • Stopped fraudulent accounts imitating executives and brands
  • Identified more than 500 unique assets that required protection
  • Plummeted volume of alerts while skyrocketing quality - more than 23 million pieces of content within the year.
First Command

The only unified platform for external cybersecurity.

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